All her wonders 

She was his all…
With each kiss she had tasted his pain,

And with bites on his lips she sent his pain down with shivers.

In her eyes he saw the brightness of his life,

In her voice he found comfort and her words increased him daily in wisdom.

On her shoulder she carried a weight but walked with ease as the long length of her hair beautified each step she took.

Speaking with excellence the solution to most problems, her knowledge on life was inspiring and on her tongue she held the truth.

Her hand in his he felt strong to go through whatever,

She had a way with words so in her speech he had understanding and so did many around.

Never feeling shy or out of place she took chances,

And with her smile she softened even the hardest of hearts.

He loved her pure and whole and the simplest fact that she didn’t know her wonders deepened it more and more.


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