it hurts still

It hurts not to be liked, it’s hurts when your presence is tagged annoying and irritating. And although you might come to a place where you start to accept that you are just not likeable, it still doesn’t take away the feeling of emptiness.
The most painful thing to be told by someone you truly admire and like is I don’t like you, it’s heartbreaking and soul crushing and it leaves you wondering what you did wrong or what you said wrong.

But hey, let’s take a minute and be honest with ourselves, if we sit down and look through everything we have done and said, and then think deeper into what we have done and said, we will understand that the treatments we get sometimes… We deserve them.

But still, it doesn’t erase the fact that it cuts deep, because at the end of the day, we all want to be loved, accepted and appreciated for who we are.


9 thoughts on “it hurts still

  1. We are social beings created by God to love and be loved. Yes it hurts immensely when others do not like us. First we try to figure out if we are doing something wrong and if we are we pursue changing ourself with God’s help and direction. However, there are times when people are just mean and are just not friendship material. Thats when we pray for God to send us the right friends.

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