Crippling anxiety
Crippling anxiety

…Not again, another night of a lost battle not fought.

 I am spending yet another night crippled up in my shadow,

My heart is beating,

Spelling each word of my anxiety out,

Sanity is creeping out of me like my spirit is about to leap forth,

I can not sleep with the light off,

Put it back on please,

Put it back on,

She stands still and stares hard at me,

Who? You ask

I don’t really know,

But my guess is, she’s the best version of me,

The version that takes the bull by it horn,

The version that spins round with glorious elegance it blinds even the proudest of men.

Give me one reason,

One very good reason why this night can’t just be different,

She laughs at my face and mocks my words,

One reason? Just one reason?

No, I’ll give you three or maybe more

  • You are dusted up in anxiety and it has burned you so deep your soul is blacked out of live,
  • You are too fragile and open to hurt, your heart is suffocating and choking on the little air it gets,
  • You are aching with feelings and disgustingly desperate for approval.

You have broken your soul,

And did you know your heart has stopped beating? 

Of course not,

You are blinded by your fear of everything over nothing,

You walk with your head down and your voice low,

You are dead with anxiety,

Did you know that every night you lie awake, you stab yourself in the face lining the knife down to your chest?

Of course not,

You are crippled from your shoulders down to your knees,
Can’t you feel how rooted you are with fear, worries, unexisting midnight monsters, they have stolen your shine.

Leave the light on all you want,

But if you do not push to feel that crippled body of yours move,

If you do not speak life to your dead soul,

Those monsters you are hiding with the light on from,

They will come with so much power and trust me baby when I say they will bury you under that blanket you cover your face with,

Baby they will take that little life you hold on tightly to.

But I laugh through my tears,

Only if words as strong and mighty as those could completely heal my brokenness, if only…

This is not a personal story,


This is an awareness to the issue of anxiety, I hope I was able to cut across the message well.

The effect of depression, I’ll be posting that soon, look out for it

Thank you so much, 

Please do let me know what you think about this in the comment section below and share please.


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