good at goodbyes: Sam Smith

I have been a fan of Sam Smith from ‘stay with me’ rain days… And I filled myself up with his old songs while patiently waiting for his return and i am overjoyed to say, my wait has been crowned with the best of the bests songs of heard this year.

Good at goodbyes 

This is the first single off his coming album and it’s definitely deeper and a bit sorrowful in a strong way, (I don’t know if I’ve broken that down right lol).

My thoughts on this song is simple and short, perfect, it got me in my feelings and that’s something I do less of these days, this track is the best, but all his songs are, right?

Sam Smith’s good at goodbyes is one of the best songs of 2017 for me and I’ll confess I was definitely jamming to Taylor Swift look what you made me do, like a lunatic, good at goodbyes seems to me like a pettier version of Taylor’s ‘look what you made me do’

The words, the tune, the harmony, the runs, everything done to perfection.


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