turn on the light

Note to whoever finds my father First, tell him I hate him…no actually tell him I’m numb to the thought of him, yeah that’s better. I have a happy memory of a five years old girl sitting on the back of a horse at the beach with a man wearing your face, she held him … More turn on the light

My Greatest fear

My greatest fear is being a disappointments not being disappointed. I am so scared of someone feeling bitterness towards me that I have weakened myself mentally and emotionally and it’s cooking up problems for me.  And I’m not alone, I have watched interviews, listened to people talk about their fear of letting people in so … More My Greatest fear

Living in depression

Having to struggle late at night to sleep because fighting with demons has become a routine,having to deal with flashbacks,panic attacks, a body that’s so convinced that resting will kill it, so it stays awake waiting for the light of day. Anxiety wrecks your soul and depression bitters your mind, it leaves a hole in … More Living in depression